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  • Message from the Director General

  • 2008-10-31

  • The unveiling ceremony of the reincorporated State Post Bureau was held on January 1st, 2007, which symbolized the separation of government administration and business operation for the postal sector in China, and a postal system featuring independent operation of businesses and government regulation by law was initially put in place.

    Tremendous progress has been made since the separate operation of postal businesses. We have seen a constant enrichment of service categories, continuous enhancement of service capabilities and increase of operating efficiency year by year. But there is still a lot of room for us to further expand the overall scale of postal services, boost the industrial level of the sector, improve the quality of service and strengthen our competitiveness. The market potential is huge in China and the prospects for development are broad.

    The development of postal services requires both the market to play its fundamental role in mobilizing resources and the government to practice macro-control and policy guidance. The State Post Bureau undertakes the important function of supervision and regulation over the postal businesses. Keeping the interests of the nation and the industry in mind, we will further improve our service quality and exert our outmost to build an open and fair market environment featuring orderly competition. I the days to come, we would develop plans and put forward policies to promote the rapid and coordinated development of the postal sector, improve the institution and enhance our capability to ensure the sustained and effective implementation of universal postal service and special service, practice administration by law and strengthen our control to improve our creditability among the public, adhere to the principle of people-centered regulation and regulation for people to safeguard the fundamental interests of the mass public, and seek truth out of practice and promote innovation to explore a postal regulation model suitable to the actual conditions in China. Our goal is to initially put in place a landscape of “basically complete legislation system, fair and effective regulation management, normalized and orderly market operation, and basic satisfaction of the general public” by 2010 for the postal regulation.

    Confronted with the new scenario and tasks in the process of postal reform and development, we should bravely shoulder the mission bestowed upon us by the history and the era and compose a splendid preface for the rapid and sound development of the postal sector.


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